While other eyewear development is focusing on complex multi-functional AR, MR and VR products, Amalgamated Vision is building a patented optical engine to power a simple, high quality, portable head-mounted display. Based on licensed technology and proprietary patent pending components, it can display any type of image or video, as well as text, graphic or iconic data.  


Founded in 2010, Amalgamated Vision and its unique optical engineering systems were conceived by our founder, Dr. Adam Davis.  Adam is a practicing neuroradiologist with 30 years of academic and private practice experience in post-processing and display, including the use of the stereoscopic paradigm. He consults for some of the world's leading medical device manufacturers. 

In 2017 we completed a successful research and development phase, proving the viability of virtual retinal display.  We are beginning a second proof of concept stage for our core technology, which we expect to complete in 12 months.  We are actively seeking second round financing for this phase, to be followed by a market-ready prototype within three years. 

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