Our core focus is improving the delivery of healthcare by revolutionizing the way physicians see and understand digital images.  Using laser-driven microelectromechanical (MEMS) systems, we are currently developing new tools to migrate today’s screen-based medical practices from standard 2D fixed screens to a wearable 3D display that radically improves all radiographic digital modalities including CT, MRI and angiography.  


Our breakthrough technology will make 3D imaging more affordable, more effective and more widely available to thousands of physicians and hospitals in the U.S. and around the world.


Better Outcomes

While applications for ultra-near-to-eye display are limitless, for healthcare clients in our core research and development stream our fully mobile platform will:

  • Demonstrably improve visualization and comprehension for diagnosis and treatment delivered by image-based medical specialties including surgery, radiology, cardiology and anesthesiology

  • Display detailed 3D images and real-time data in virtually any environment, from almost any device

  • Broadly expand the availability of 3D imagery to new users who had no practical access to it in the past

  • Significantly reduce the cost of acquiring and using advanced medical imaging technology 

  • Improve workflows, operational efficiencies and patient outcomes


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