Amalgamated Vision's direct retinal projection eyewear creates a compelling high-definition visual experience that can't be achieved using conventional monitors.  It has broad enterprise and consumer applications.  Medical practitioners can see brilliantly clear 3D digital medical images or real-time patient data without obstructing their normal vision. 

There are millions of healthcare professionals and more than 15,000 hospitals, medical schools, clinics and private medical consortiums in the U.S.  Each location has dozens, if not hundreds, of monitors; Amalgamated Vision's eyewear can replace or enhance any of these existing displays.  Practical use cases include:

  • Surgical planning & visualization

  • Diagnostic imaging

  • Real-time monitoring of vital signs

  • Tele-medicine 

  • Medical education & training

  • Remote monitoring & emergency response

  • Research & diagnosis


Market Trends

Five key marketplace trends converge:

  1. Medical imaging is a rapidly expanding field with diagnostic and therapeutic implications for diverse medical specialties: imaging drives 21st century medical management.

  2. Practitioners need improved visualization techniques and more efficient diagnostic capabilities to avoid being overwhelmed by increasingly complex high-volume medical imaging.

  3. Hospital budgets are severely stressed; all medical providers are seeking ways to reduce operating costs, maintain quality and differentiate their services.

  4. Modern medical practice is moving offsite using hand-held devices to share and evaluate critical diagnostic data from remote locations outside traditional healthcare settings.

  5. Physicians are increasingly using software generated images and virtual representations of human anatomy and disease derived from CT scans, MRIs and other traditional imaging modalities to direct medical management and guide surgical/interventional treatments.

Amalgamated Vision’s new stereoscopic eyewear will immediately solve the problems of affordability and mobility. Our core focus is the area of image guided diagnosis and treatment but applications extend well beyond medicine to include industry, education, research, informatics, entertainment and gaming.

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