Re-engineering the Stereoscopic Paradigm


Human evolution shaped our brains to interpret visual information based on stereoscopy, the presentation of two slightly different perspectives of a single image as seen separately through our two eyes.  Stereoscopy is a powerful component of our natural ability to perceive relative spatial relationships and dimension, particularly at a close distance. 


Amalgamated Vision’s binocular eyewear concept is the only product of its kind with a light, unobtrusive, ergonomically correct hands-free design that allows variable immersion in either a stereoscopic or non-stereoscopic display.  Stereoscopy significantly improves comprehension and the physician's diagnostic and therapeutic medical capabilities.  

Product Benefits
  • Functional, affordable head-mounted display

  • Virtual retinal display:  better resolution and field of view 

  • Plug-and-play, fully portable, simple design with long battery life

  • Non-occlusive; does not block normal vision or interfere with corrected vision

  • Powered by any tablet, smartphone or other digital input

  • Sleek, comfortable lightweight design with Bluetooth capabilities

  • Adaptable for any AR/VR/MR display configuration

Using Existing Content Improves Patient Outcomes

Amalgamated Vision's eyewear displays routine DICOM data generated by CTs, MRIs and other widely-used radiographic modalities, using readily available software algorithms.  The device layers seamlessly onto existing enterprise networks including workstations, thin client post processing solutions and PACS.


Stereoscopic display will be a practical, economical way for hospitals, clinics, private practices and medical schools to improve workflows, achieve better patient outcomes and help practitioners see, understand and apply complex diagnostic information.

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