The first laser-driven optical engine for truly low profile, lightweight, stereoscopic HMDs for all-day reference display.
  • Laser-driven microelectromechanical (MEMS) optics

  • Bright, color saturated high-resolution images, even in sunlight

  • Ultra-near-to-eye design does not obstruct normal vision

  • Fully compatible with any AR/VR/MR application

  • Energy efficient with long battery life

Amalgamated Vision is building the first optical solution to enable the logical progression to commercial hands-free mobile reference display.

Our patented optical engine is engineered to turn bulky wave-guide head-mounted displays into lightweight, hands-free look-down reference display. It is specifically designed to provide a safe, comfortable user experience with superb clarity in a platform-agnostic hands-free display suitable for all-day wear.

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