AV Mission:

Build industry leading optics to change the way people see digital data and unlock the potential of spatial computing.

New head mounted display technologies are announced every day but as yet there is no market leader - or even a successful market ready product.


Amalgamated Vision is leading the way by developing optical engines that will power truly usable head mounted display.  Our technology enables the world’s only ultra-near-to-eye virtual retinal display suitable for any XR format.

Our laser-driven optics support a radically different form factor that out-performs traditional optical solutions in resolution, color saturation, field of view, scalability and wearability.  The AV display paradigm allows for a low-profile non-obstructive experience.​

Data is meant to be mobile, but your mobile phone is not up to the task.




Hand-held screens are ubiquitous - but they are small and inconvenient for continuous use.  They distract from environmental awareness.

Yet everyone knows that complicated, multi-functional AR, VR, and XR headsets are not the answer.  They under-deliver at every turn:  comfort, image quality and outdoor visibility.  And lets face it, no one would be caught dead wearing one in public.

At AV we saw this coming and stayed ahead of the technology curve to solve these issues.

AV optical engines will power the low profile, non-obstructive, high resolution XR display that consumers expect in a all day wearable form factor that will be fashion forward.  

We are poised to create the first optical solution to enable the inevitable progression from cell phone and tablet to ubiquitous, hands free, mobile spatial computing. 


AV technology

amalgamated vision optical engine.jpg

Our non-obstructive virtual retinal display optical engine is powered by laser light and a proprietary pancake lens assembly.

The pancake lens folds the optical path into a very small space to achieve superior resolution and a wide field of view in an extremely compact form - something traditional waveguide optics can't do.

There is no screen in front of the user's eyes, no discernible distortion, and the exit pupil (size of the laser beam) is expanded to a usable size -  a set of features no other company in the world has achieved.

And yes... laser light is perfectly safe for ordinary display.

Features and benefits:

  • Allows for low-profile display below the primary visual field - does not block normal vision

  • Resolution matches the human eye (~ 1 arc minute)

  • Wide beam (exit pupil) obviates need for eye tracking

  • Wide FOV (43° x 25°)

  • Always in focus with narrow beam configuration, no corrective lenses needed.  Simple focus with expanded beam version.

  • Unsurpassed color saturation

  • Intense luminescence visible even in sunlight

  • Inherently stereoscopic – ready for 3D

  • Light-field capable (multi-focal plane)

  • Most efficient light source possible, prolonged battery life

AV Technical Achievement 
Ultra-near-to-eye laser beam scanning

In 2017 AV proved the viability of virtual retinal display using our core technology. Now we are ready to build a second proof of concept that we expect to deliver in 12 months.  We are actively seeking second-round financing to complete POC construction as well as further our R&I, continue our patent defense and begin commercial prototyping.  Strategic and private investors welcome.


Granted - Jan 2019 US14720163 (Priority 2014) - Wearable Display for Stereoscopic Viewing

Granted - Oct 2020 US10816795 (Priority 2016) USPTO & PCT -Wearable Display for Near to Eye Viewing


Pending –(Priority 2019) USPTO & PCT - Wearable Display for Near to Eye Viewing with Expanded Beam



Adam Davis, MD  -  Adam is a physician and our founder. He is currently Chief Medical Officer and VP Development of Olea Medical, a division of Canon Medical specializing in the analysis and display of medical imaging. He was a Clinical Associate Professor, Radiology at NYU School of Medicine and Director of the NYU-Langone Medical Center 3D Image Processing Lab. He is a recognized expert in advanced medical imaging display.


David Kessler, PhD - Kessler Optics and Photonics. David is recognized globally as one of the foremost optical engineers for head mounted display. He was a Senior Research Assoc. at Eastman Kodak where he received the Distinguished Inventor award and served on the Kodak Research council.  He holds 93 patents, published 24 peer-reviewed papers, and received an Emmy award in 1997. 

Randall Sprague  - President, Dock Star Ltd.  Former President & CTO, Innovega; Chief Engineer, Microvision;  Managing Director, Transparent Networks.


Stephen F. Ritner, Esq.  Special Counsel to Zarwin Baum, Steve focuses exclusively on corporate and business matters with special emphasis in mergers and acquisitions, equity and debt financing, and counseling middle market growth businesses. He is Counsel to the firm Gould Yaffe and Golden, a past member of the Philadelphia Arts & Business Council, and past Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce Small Business section.

Business and Technology

Alexander Tokman - CEO in Residence, Allen Institute Artificial Intelligence; President, Sixth Sense.  Former CEO, Microvision; General Manager, Global Molecular Imaging & Radiopharmacy, GE Medical.  Alex is globally recognized for his role in the technological development, manufacturing and market adoption of laser MEMS technology.

Paula Katkin, MBA - Paula is a senior marketer who leads integrated teams charged with positioning technology brands for growth, and a past co-chair of the VRARA Digital Health Committee.  She has client and agency experience with world-class firms including Verizon and Mullen-Lowe. She holds degrees from U. Penn, NYU’s Stern School of Business, and graduated with distinction from the Harvard Business Analytics program of HBS.

Scott Spiro, MBA - Scott has over 20 years of experience in technology sales, marketing, and consulting, including planning, finance and operation of several new venture startups.  He is currently worldwide Sr. Partner, Development Manager of the Strategic Workloads group at Microsoft. Scott holds a B.S. in Computer Science form Siena College, NY and an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY.


Kathleen Davis, MD - Kathleen practices traditional and integrative dermatology.  She has worked in both academic and private office settings; currently at Skin Solutions Dermatology based in Tennessee.  She received her MD from the University of Pennsylvania, trained in Surgery and Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital, NYC and completed her Integrative Medicine training at the Continuum Center for Health and Healing, NYC.

Our Team

AV employs some of the world’s leading authorities on laser MEMS optics for head mounted display (HMD).  Together, we have spent 10 years refining our patented optical designs that remain the most likely engineering solution to unlock the full potential of spatial computing.


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To watch our recent presentation at the NASA iTech-Ignite the Night competition in Tampa F, the GratiFi Healthcare Summit in Seattle WA or the NASA iTech Cycle 1 Competition 2020 (virtual event) and learn more about Amalgamated Vision and virtual retinal display, please view: